On Thursday August 14, the largest power outage in history occurred. On August 28, Mars will be closer to Earth than it has been in 60,000 years. Many do not see the connection between these two events, but we do. THE UNCOVEROR spoke to former NASA employee and Mars expert Harvey Kurtz, as we frequently do when Mars is in the news. He told us of the great danger that has befallen us.

"The evidence is plain to all who were paying attention," said Kurtz. "There were reports of a lightning bolt striking a power plant in Niagara. People laughed them off because there were no thunderstorms anywhere near the plant, but it was not natural lightning. The bolt was fired from a Martian destructo-ray. You previously published a story called Real Space Invaders May Be Coming. My sources tell me that the photographs in it are of a test firing of the destructo-ray. It proved the ray could indeed be used to shut down a power plant, and cause a cascading failure of the power grid."

Kurtz went on to tell us, "Under the cover of this blackout, the Martians, or as they call themselves, the Zhti Ti Kofft, made their move on earth. They now walk among us. They must have decided not to wait until August 28, as so many of us would have been watching for them at that time." Kurtz indicated that they will certainly be using their mind-reading and mind-control technologies in their putsch to take over the earth. "We all need to put our tinfoil hats on, and keep them on. It may be our only hope. They are masters of disguise, so anyone you meet on the street, even if you think they are someone you know, might be Zhti Ti Kofft."

He also told us that there were UFO sightings preceding the great blackout of 1965, but mainstream press coverage of it convinced the aliens that we were on to them, and they decided to abandon their plans. This time, he suspects that they are better equipped to avoid detection, and much less likely to call the whole thing off. "We are in for a long and hard fight for the fate of our planet, one we may have brought upon ourselves by sending probes to Mars, provoking their wrath."