You may have read our previous story, FURTHER PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE THAT UFOS ARE REAL, and may have been disturbed by the photos. It is much worse than previously thought. Earth may soon face an onslaught from real life space invaders!

Here is the original photo a reader sent us

Dr. Eric Varnov, from The International Institute for Photographic Analysis, analyzed this photo using the revolutionary Infrared Image Enhancement Analysis Algorithm (IIEAA), and the results are shocking


The UFOs are indeed responsible for the fire. His analysis revealed a previously invisible ray that the two craft in the lower left must have called down from their mother ship in orbit. Previously, only a small spot in the clouds had been visible. 

Through an operative of ours inside Area 51, we were able to learn that soon after these photos were taken, transmissions began to be beamed to earth form deep in outer space. It took some time for our language computer, or dictarometer, and the aliens call it, to translate. The Aliens said that our ancient juvenile minds can not possibly understand what we are doing. We are developing weapons too fast, and don't understand them. First we split the atom, then we started to develop lasers and particle beams, and if we continue, we will discover Solaranite. We are becoming a threat to the entire universe, and they are a part of that universe. Our operative said that the alien transmissions came from Eros, A space soldier from a planet in our galaxy. His transmissions frequently break up due to atmospheric conditions in outer space, but we got the gist of what he is saying. They insist that if our military agencies do not cease and desist development of ray weaponry such as lasers and particle beams at once, they will be forced to invade, and conquer us. They may even be forced to destroy us!

Now it is clear what is causing the glowing sky in the second picture our source sent us. The aliens were using Solaranite! They felt the need to demonstrate the technology they never want us to possess. Solaranite, we have learned, is a sub-atomic fragment that ignites the actual particles of sunlight, known as photons. It is an incredible weapon when tightly controlled, but reckless use of it could case a chain reaction! 

Imagine a can of gasoline, that is our sun. Imagine a stream of gas running from that can to earth, or any other place. Strike a match, and light that stream, it will lead back to the sun, exploding it, sending out a shock wave of Solaranite exploding each photon it touches. How far does the sun's light go? It could intersect with the light form other stars, and send a Solaranite stream back to them as well, burning up all of creation! 

The potential space invaders fear that we are indeed capable of destroying the entire universe, and don't intend to let that happen. They would consider enslaving us, or wiping us out entirely an act of self-defense.