A reader has sent in some very disturbing photographs. The evidence is mounting that we are not alone. In this photo of  a power plant, or some other heavy industry near Cumberland, Maryland, suspended objects can clearly be seen. The two in the lower left show no signs of strings attached or any other trickery. A bright spot can also be seen in the middle, to the left of the smoke. It could be a glitch in the film, or an unidentified flying object. If these are alien spacecraft, what attracted them to this site?

The second photograph, taken on a side road near the same industrial complex shows the sky glowing, like a burning neon sign. Also, two objects similar to those in the first photo can be made out in the trees. The objects may be nothing in the second photo, but what about that burning sky? Something has definitely lit it up!

The Uncoveror will investigate these photos further, and let you know if we find anything more.

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