You may have read elsewhere that McDonald's is changing their highly popular chicken McNuggets, and that there may be a popular backlash much like the one over New Coke. There is no maybe about it. Once the public learns the real story, they will be outraged.

"FrankenMcNuggets is more like it," said our source, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. "That stuff still hasn't been proven safe! Please do not reveal my identity. I am taking a great risk to leak this information. If they learn who did it, pouring hot coffee in my lap will be the least they do." The restaurant giant claims that they are responding to customers' health concerns by introducing a leaner, all white meat McNugget. The truth is that the new product will be nothing other than New Dawn Biotech's Chick'N.

We sought comment from McDonald's about this allegation. They denied it, claiming that the new nuggets were indeed 100% white meat chicken. We also were rebuffed by New Dawn Biotech, who would only say that they constantly seek new markets for their products, and have many new clients, but whom their clients might be is a trade secret. This was a surprise. In the past, The Uncoveror could always get information from New Dawn. Something has changed in their corporate culture. Could McDonald's be behind that change? Has New Dawn been acquired? As they are not a publicly traded company, information like that is hard to uncover.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.


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