As you previously may have read, the V-chip in new TV sets is not really there to keep children from viewing adult-oriented programs. It is a spying device, and you are being watched. We promised you that a way to protect yourself from this was coming, and here it is.

Our crack staff of technicians soon discovered that the circuitry itself can not be turned off or removed. That will kill the whole TV set, and send out a signal that you are tampering with the government's spying device, but we have found a simple solution: tin foil.

As UFO abduction experts have already discovered with tin foil hats, tin is an excellent shield. You will need to open the back of your TV. You need to line the inside of your TV set's back cover with at least three layers of tin foil, then put the set back together. Also place small cone shaped pieces of tin foil over your TV cable or antenna wire where they connect to the back of your set. This will block the transmissions leaving your TV, and restore your privacy.

NOTE: Aluminum foil is no substitute! People refer to aluminum foil as tin foil, but they are not the same. Real tin foil is now hard to find, so you will have to search for it.  Aluminum would act as an antenna, and actually allow the spy signals to travel further! It must be tin. Tin is an element, and no other has the right atomic weight. Its properties are unique. One possible substitute, if you can get it, would be lead foil, but it would need to be at least eight layers thick. Another problem with lead is that it is a carcinogen, and may be radioactive.

As promised, You now know how to disable the V-chip, and protect your privacy, thanks to THE UNCOVEROR.


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