By Colleen Smith, Staff Reporter

Do you look forward every year to Girl Scout Cookies? I know I do. Tagalongs and especially Thin Mints are irresistibly delicious. I must have them! When some people jokingly refer to Thin Mints as cookie crack, I get it. Wal-Mart is now making rip-offs of those two great cookie recipes. They will be sold under the Great Value line, and will probably be cheaper than the genuine article. Buy them, and the money goes to an evil mega-corporation sending jobs to China, and selling American consumers dangerous and lead-tainted Chinese products, not to a charitable organization that has helped raise our daughters to be good citizens for generations. I was a Girl Scout, and wouldn't trade that for the world.

People may not know this, but cookie sales are darn near the Girl Scouts' only source of revenue, and those two recipes are responsible for the lion's share of sales. Why does Wal-Mart hate Girl Scouts? If people stop buying real Girl Scout cookies and just buy the rip-offs, the Girl Scouts could be history. That would be a tragedy! Are the Boy Scouts going to be targeted for destruction as well? What will the Monster From Bentonville do when scouting is gone? Start a new organization called Walton Youth? I wonder where they will bake their knock-off cookies. China maybe? Will they be tainted? Please save the Girl Scouts. Don't buy Wal-Mart's cheap immitation.


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