TRIX RABBIT 1958-2006

by M. Grant Winston, Obituaries
On August 17, 2006 the famous Trix rabbit finally got the children's cereal he so craved, and was able to eat it without anyone stopping him. Within minutes, he went into toxic shock and died. Unbeknownst to him, many ingredients in the cereal were poisonous to rabbits.

"We tried again and again to warn him," said a little girl named Ashley Murphy while fighting back tears, "Trix are for kids. He must have thought we were just being mean."

"We heard a horrible gurgling sound, and ran into the room. The poor guy was turning every color of the rainbow, was breaking out in hives, and struggling to breathe. He then started convulsing", said General Mills employee Billy Smith. "By the time the veterinarian ambulance arrived, it was tool late. He was already gone."

The rabbit was just a little bunny when he first auditioned for the role of the Trix Cereal official mascot on August 4, 1959. It was his first, and only job. He had just observed his forty-seventh anniversary with General Mills, and plans for his fiftieth were already being discussed. Now, it will never happen. The silly rabbit will be sorely missed.