By Naven Jones, Freelance Investigative Journalist

Google's alleged motto is "Don't be evil." They would have us believe that they are the good guys, and don't intend to do any harm. I don't believe this hollow slogan. They must be saying that with fingers crossed behind their backs, as a recent patent filing reveals a plot that is evil on par with any Hollywood or comic book madman, hell-bent on world domination. U.S Patent 9,008,839 B1 dated 14 April, 2015 describes an army of robots controlled by the cloud. This patent was granted only a few weeks after another that would allow robots to possess individual artificial personalities according to a controller's designs. Google has been obsessed with robotics in recent years, buying out companies like Boston Dynamics, the makers of the BigDog and Atlas robots, and any patent they can find related to robots. Google has even started a program where inventors who want to sell their patents can easily pitch them called the patent purchase promotion.

Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy says "Google is building a stash of patents, like an arms dealer collects weapons." This quote is very telling. Anyone who can read between the lines is bound to suspect that Google has become part of the military-industrial complex, and wants to fulfill military dreams of a soldier who never needs to sleep, never gets hungry, and doesn't have to be paid wages. If their army of robots ever does come into being, it might only be a matter of time before they decide that all humans, not just the ones their supposed masters aim them at, are the enemy. There is a name for the cloud controlled robot army Google would assemble: Terminators.

Right now, the closest thing the military has to that are drones, and even drones require a human pilot. Imagine if that pilot were gone, and a cold soulless machine decided when to open fire or drop a bomb. Can a series of zeroes and ones have a conscience? Imagine drone tanks, drone ships, drone submarines. These too would be killer robots that could be run with Google's cloud technology.

You may ask, "What if you are over-reacting, and Google's goals have nothing to do with the military?" There are still terrible possibilities. Any task that requires physical labor can be done by machines instead of people. Imagine all the people who could be put out of work. Thousands could be left with nothing because a robot took away their livelihood. With no income, many will end up homeless, hopeless and helpless. Corporations and their rich, powerful overlords will not care. They will laugh all the way to the bank.

All attempts to get more information directly from Google about their plans with robotics have failed. They refuse to talk about it, giving not only me but every journalist who has attempted to contact them the silent treatment. What more proof should anyone need that they have something to hide?