By a Midwestern Football Fan

Dear Mr. Kroenke;

I know you and the Rams are unhappy in St. Louis, and ready to move away. With renovations to the Edward Jones Dome cancelled, and the ultimatum that playing a home game In London would constitute a violation of your lease, who can blame you? But I must ask you to consider whether Los Angeles is really the place to go. Instead of that, bring the Rams back to their original home on the coast of Lake Erie; Cleveland Ohio.

While some people may not even realize that the franchise you now own began in Northern Ohio, many of us in that region do. You may say that we already have a team, but they barely qualify as a professional football club, and arenít the real Browns anyway. The real Browns broke our hearts and ceased to be when they left for Baltimore. We would be glad to part with this pale imitation, these pretenders calling themselves Browns. Let them go to St Louis!

The town they used to call the Gateway to the West once had a baseball team called the Browns, and once had baseball and football teams with the same name, so they wonít insist that the wannabes choose a new moniker.

As for Los Angeles, I know you own some land there, but you could sell it easily. They are unwilling to spend so much as a cent to replace that pre-Columbian artifact, the LA Coliseum, or should I call it the LA Mausoleum? The city also taxes business to death out there, and the air is smoggy. Besides, people are happy that all games are on TV with no local blackouts. They donít want to leave their living rooms and go to a stadium. They have had two other teams beside yours leave them in the past, and did nothing to keep them. I am surprised that the Raiders and Chargers also have the crazy idea of going back to those phony plastic Hollywood types. They wonít get sellout games or die-hard fans. That just wonít happen in Los Angeles.

So, Mr. Kroenke I implore you. Please bring the Rams back to their true home. LA isnít it.