If you have gotten spammed from an address ending in, I did not send it. My domain has been hijacked by spammers. As a result, I have received hundreds of bounced back undeliverable messages I never sent, and am having a hard time sifting through them to find my real mail. I have two real email address, news@, and webmaster@. Anything else is a fake one created by the spammers. I used to have secrets@, but it was bombed with spam so badly that I could never find my real mail.

This kind of hijacking is known as a Joe Job, named after the time Joe's Cyberpost had its domain hijacked by spammers. Joe Doll had nothing to do with it, but was bombed with hate mail from people who thought he did, and his website was off-line for a time. Here is a Wikipedia article about it. I know of no sure solution to this other than hoping the spammers will move on before becomes a blacklisted domain, or I go off-line. If anyone can help find out who did this so they can be criminally prosecuted without us breaking any laws, I would really appreciate the help.
In closing, I had nothing to do with it if you were spammed by some address ending in My domain name is being used unlawfully by spammers. Still, I apologize for any inconvenience. I hope to get past this, and back to my usual journal of parody, political satire and outrageous farce as soon as possible.
     Matthew Brown
     Publisher and Webmaster of