By Naven Jones, freelance investigative journalist

The Journal of Nature recently reported the discovery of ice geysers near the south pole of the planet Mars. A BBC article about this report says that sunlight heating and melting underground dry ice deposits causes CO2 gas to violently explode to the surface, throwing dust and dirt high into the air. Former NASA employee and Mars expert Harvey Kurtz contacted me recently with a very different explanation. These are exhaust vents from Martian underground cities.

"The Zhti Ti Kofft, whom some call Martians though they reject that name," says Kurtz. "Have lived underground since their planet became dry and cold around 1500 years ago. We have known about them since the Viking probe in the 1970s. NASA and every world government that is a member of the U.N. have been working hard to cover this up since that time, but I suspect that this discovery is going to blow the lid off. These exhaust vents they are trying to write off as simple geysers are far too unusual to be a natural phenomenon. The fact that they look like they could be natural is because the Kofft are so clever about concealing themselves. They are completely xenophobic, and do not desire contact with us or any off-worlders. This has been true since contact with a race from beyond our solar system brought the war, disease and destruction that led to the ruination of their planet's surface."

Kurtz went on to say that the Zhti Ti Kofft still have the military technology that allowed  them to win that terrible war long ago, and drive their ancient enemy from our solar system. They could use it against us if they think we pose a serious threat. "We need to stop snooping around the red planet, and leave them alone. If this cover-up continues, scientists and space exploration agencies won't know any better, and will keep doing it! It is time for NASA and the U.N. to come clean."