By M. Grant Winston, Managing Editor

This may not be news, but since I have been promoted to Managing Editor, I will take the liberty of ranting about a pet peeve here. That is a privilege of being in charge. At the risk of being compared to that old fart Andy Rooney, here goes.

We just got new laptops here at The Uncoveror, and I hate them. These new glossy screens have to be the dumbest thing since the CueCat or Microsoft Bob. Look at this picture! I can see the light fixture above me and the window behind me like I am looking in a mirror, but the image on the screen? Not so much. I am constantly craning my neck, moving the laptop and trying to adjust the tilt of the screen to no avail. Look at this one! A fat lot of good trying to move it did. Now, the window behind me is dead center. I have been looking for some kind of anti-glare filter to put over this screen since the day the purchasing department foisted these glorious marvels of modern technology upon us, and no one seems to make one. How could anyone think that we would like these awful screens?

You may have also noticed that this PC is running Vista and Office 2007. I hate those, too. Vista is such a memory hog that I needed to upgrade my ram to 2 Gigabytes just to make it usable, and it is still slower than the old pc it replaced!  Two Gigabytes, two billion bytes. That sounds like the amount of memory the Enterprise's onboard computer in Star Trek uses. You should be able to run the Holodeck with that! With Office 2007, and Vista for that matter, we all had to stop, go get the "For Dummies" books and learn all over again. So much for productivity! Both are full of silly changes that make no sense. We also had to toss some perfectly good printers and scanners because they have no Vista drivers. This is a farce! I called up the purchasing department to ask for my old computer back, but they told me it was a lease, and has already been returned. If I can find out where they sent it, I may buy it back out of my own pocket. I would throw this damn thing out the widow if it were possible to open them in this office building, but no such luck. A typewriter would be better than this.


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