Courtesy of Unconfirmed sources, Ed E. Druckman has something to say and doesn't hold it back, unlike the talking heads in the mainstream media who don't dare to say anything that might offend an advertiser. The Cowards! From Britney to Bush, he gives his views on everything.

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"Survivor" John McCain. Mr. Sulu A Pain in Captain Kirk's Astero - Free videos are just a click away

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Maxim's "Hot" Politicians And Swami Bob - For more amazing video clips, click here

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Ed-E-torial 26: Lindsay Lohan And Miss Piggy Gay? - Watch more amazing videos here

Ed-E-Torial 25 is too nasty for Uncoveror.com You'll have to go to the source to get it.

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Amber Colt: A Girl And Her Top(less) - Watch a funny movie here

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At GoFish this time, not Youtube (too long)

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