By Naven Jones, Freelance Investigative Journalist

You are bound to have heard or read about defective and dangerous Chinese products by now. You may have been tempted to write it off as greedy businessmen trying to grab a quick Yuan, the inevitable result of China embracing capitalism and a market economy. After all, didn't the greedy robber barons of the 19th century pull stuff like this? That is not what is going on at all! China has silently declared war on the United States and many other nations. They are using unorthodox methods of attack that we will not fight back against effectively, since we do not even realize we are under attack.

Their first target is our children. Children are our future. Attack them effectively, and what could have been our future is destroyed. Toys tainted with lead paint cause brain damage, which will lead to learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Enough exposure can cause seizures, coma and even death.

The Chinese are targeting us in our cars and on our freeways with tires that blow out as we fly down the road at 65 miles an hour, causing many highway fatalities. They are putting Diethylene Glycol, a highly poisonous ingredient of anti-freeze, into medicines and toothpastes instead of glycerin. They are targeting our beloved pets that bring so much joy to our lives with poisoned food. Without man's best friend and our feline companions, life would be but woe and despair for so many of us. None of these acts are accidents!

Even the human food supply is not safe. Chicken, pork and fish have been found to contain banned pesticides, infectious bacteria, unsafe levels of drugs such as antibiotics and chemicals like melamine. Recently, chocolates made in China were full of unwanted and disgusting extra ingredients: worms and maggots.

Can the answer be as simple as avoiding anything made in China? If only it were that easy. Since they became a most favored nation in US trade, Chinese products are everywhere. You cannot avoid them. This conspiracy has been decades in the making, and is upon us beyond anyone's worst fears. We are at war. It is high time we realized that and did something about it, but no one in Washington seems to care. Have we been infiltrated by Manchurian Candidates?

Unlike peeing in Coke, this silent Chinese war is no joke, it is deathly serious. Beijing will settle for nothing less than complete global domination. They want us all, those of us who survive anyhow, to come begging for scraps at their table and to be powerless to do anything more.