By Colleen Smith, Staff Reporter
Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain has announced his running mate: current VP Dick Cheney. When asked about his choice, The Senator form Arizona had this to say: "There are no term limits for Vice President, and we need continuity to stay on track, so I will have Dick Cheney as my second in command when I am Commander In Chief just as President Bush has these nearly 8 years. With Dick Cheney at my side, I know we can beat the terrorists in Iraq responsible for 9/11. We will stay the course even if it takes a century." He went on to say "Dick Cheney has been great for the economy. Just look at how profitable oil companies have become with him in such a position of influence. I want his help in saving our banks and mortgage companies, something the Federal Reserve is not doing. The Democrats would blame the CEOs and executives, and try to railroad them like they did to my friend Charles Keating in 1989. We will not let fine upstanding businessmen take the fall for deadbeats who don't pay their bills again."
Cheney has already told McCain yes. Some speculate that he has more power than any of us imagine, and simply told McCain that he would stay on as VP. When Cheney was asked about this, he said that any of us who don't like it can "go F... ourselves."

I spoke to one of John McCain's former staffers from his runs for Senate, he tells me that since the Vice President is President of the Senate, and votes in the case of a tie, he and McCain have worked together a lot. "The Senator really admires the job he has done. Since he will not be in the Senate any more once he is President, he would at least like Cheney to stay there. They seem to agree on everything."


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