By Colleen Smith, staff reporter

Billy Doyle was greatly excited when he learned that Fox Television was producing a new series called "Bones". He was so excited that he informed his entire Star Trek fan club that a new spin off series all about Doctor McCoy was being launched. When they all gathered to watch it, they were disappointed.

"How dare they call a show 'Bones' when it is not about him at all! This show is about some chick who solves crimes. It's just awful!" He and his friends have started a campaign to have the show pulled from the air, claiming that Fox Television has committed fraud by deceiving them. They have written to the estate of Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures, the FCC, and even their congressmen. "It is like a bait and switch scam at an electronics store! You go in there because the ad says a DVD recorder will be on sale for fifty dollars, but they were out of them before the store was even open, and they try to sell you one for 100 dollars. What a joke!"  John Starkey, another member of the fan club went on to say, "They got us all worked up, and then what? No new Trek at all. This isn't even science fiction."

I asked them what made them so sure that the name "Bones" referred to their favorite fictional MD from the future, and Doyle said, "Well duh! Everybody knows that 'Bones' means Doctor Leonard H. McCoy! What else could it mean? They ripped off Star Trek. Doctor McCoy was just the greatest doctor ever, and Captain Kirk always called him 'Bones' so it has to be trademarked or something. You shouldn't be able to just call someone else his name and get away with it. That sucks!"

So far the fan club has gotten no responses to their letter writing campaign, but they insist that they will keep it up, and will not be ignored. "I will never get excited about a Fox show again," said Doyle. "It's like Scotty says: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"