By Naven Jones, Freelance Investigative Journalist.

UFO believers were greatly encouraged when the US government finally declassified Area 51. Their excitement was premature. All that Washington is really admitting is that the place exists. They showed a map that calls it by that name. There have been no revelations about anything remotely extra-terrestrial taking place at the facility. The government insists that the U2 and later spy planes, as well as stealth planes and early drones, were all that was based there. No little green or grey men. No flying saucers.

It was not a very well guarded secret that Area 51 was at Groom Lake in Nevada, northwest of Las Vegas. Some UFO enthusiasts thought it was at Nellis Air Force Base northeast of Las Vegas, but that is another facility entirely. No matter which location believers were more sure of, neither would let them just waltz in. These sites were off limits to civilians, as well as military who did not have the proper clearances.

Rumors about what was hidden in Area 51 included the wreckage of the Roswell UFO, actual live alien beings, things reverse engineered from captured alien technologies that were moving our technology centuries ahead in mere years, and even the key to unlimited energy. The Air Force, NASA, politicians in Washington and anyone in authority scoff at these notions, but conspiracy theorists insist that they are active participants in a cover-up, or are just ignorant.

Many are hoping that the now declassified facility will be opened for tourism. That seems unlikely. My sources tell me that there is nothing to see there any more that would contradict the official narrative. Even if the public is let in to the facility, anything remotely interesting has been moved to Area 52, the new classified research base in an as of yet completely unknown location.