by Colleen Smith, staff reporter

Election scandal has come to America's favorite reality show. Fans have suspected that something was amiss since Ruben Studdard, and now the cat is out of the bag. The most popular singers have not been winning. The voices of  voters across this great land have not been heard. Accusations of Paula Abdul having an affair with a contestant, and Simon Cowell kicking puppies are insignificant compared to this. I spoke to an insider at Diebold whom I will refer to as "Woody". He says that the RIAA are the real snake in the grass here. The whole point of the show is to sell records, and the executives of the record labels allegedly know better than the viewing public what they can sell. They run the show behind the scenes, and contracted with Diebold to tabulate the votes as they saw fit. As Joseph Stalin said, those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.

An independent audit was done of actual phone logs the nights of the shows. In season three, Latoya London had gotten the most calls each week, but Diebold machines declared her a loser in one of the late elimination rounds. Based on phone logs however, there is no way that Fantasia was the most popular. Leah LaBelle was also ousted before her fans stopped calling.

Season four also showed wide discrepancies between phone logs and official tallies. Carrie Underwood should have been voted off a considerable time before the finals, yet was ultimately declared the winner in spite of Bo Bice lighting up switchboards on a consistent basis.

I sought out comment from the first, and only confirmed legitimate winner of the contest, Kelly Clarkson. She refused to speak to me, but I cannot help but suspect she learned of this sham long before I did, and that is why she has refused to allow current contestants to perform her songs. She did not even thank the show in her acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards.

Can season five be saved, or is another phony champion going to be pushed on America by Diebold and the RIAA? Perhaps the American people can still make a difference. Call Fox Television and let them know that you won't stand for this. The very institution of reality television is at stake. Call them today!

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