By The Uncoveror Staff

It is almost time for Halloween, and our staff have lots of ideas to help you be ready. First, you are probably asking "What candy should I hand out?" Here is all you need. Smarties and Dum Dums have been packaged together. You can pass judgment as you pass out treats. See a really well done costume or hear a really clever turn of a phrase? Give Smarties to that kid! See a poorly done costume, or worse, no costume at all? Hear something mindless? Here, kid. Dum Dums for you! In most neighborhoods these days, expect to have Smarties left over. The high number of candies in just one bag are only a small part of the reason why.

Want to dress up the kids in a scary costume? Don't go with clowns. Clowns are out this year. Someone could attack them! Instead, dress your little monsters up as gluten or peanuts. Those will make fretful mothers flip their wigs!


Want scary decorations for All Hallows Eve? How about some political signs? Thinking of the poor choices we have been left with this election cycle is absolutely terrifying! No matter who wins, we lose. You might even go with frightful dummies of Hillary, Trump, Scary Johnson and Jill N. Stein. If you really want to make them scream, include the most twisted and gruesome monster ever seen, the Gerrymander!

There is no need to worry about what to do for Halloween this year. The Uncoveror has you covered.