By Naven Jones, Freelance Investigative Journalist

Recently, Former Minnesota Governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura appeared on CNBC to promote his TV show. He revealed that he is living "off the grid" to hide from the drones. Ventura said that he is in an undisclosed location in Mexico, and constantly on the move so the drones can never find him. According to my source, they can still track him.

"He is not effectively hidden at all. Ventura may believe he is invisible to surveillance, but every time he uploads his TV show to the satellite, there is a chance that the NSA, FBI, CIA or whoever controls the drones could triangulate his location based on the signal. He really has no hope of ever being hidden if they were able to put tracking dust on him."

Tracking dust? I had never heard of such a thing before, so I asked my source, a member of an anti-surveillance secret society composed mostly of hackers, to tell me more. He revealed that it is a nanotechnology that was recently developed, and a tool "Big Brother" would definitely use. "You will never know it is there because it is microscopic, and indistinguishable from common household dust even if you did see it. The stuff will not only get in your hair and clothing, and stick there electrostaticly, it will borrow under the skin! Once it has touched you, it is probably too late to wash it off."

"The existence of tracking dust first came to our attention from an email sent to Julian Assange of Wikileaks", my source tells me. "At the time, it seemed implausible. We knew it was real when it also appeared in Edward Snowden's revelations. Those even revealed a great deal about how it works."

I learned that it is made with metals that will reflect any radio waves that hit it in a unique pattern that spy agencies can track, and also contains a specific radioactive isotope that can be tracked even when no radio waves are present. "If that stuff is on him," says my source, "Then the drones know where he is all the time. Ventura can run, but he can't hide."

I asked my hacker friend if he thought Julian Assange or Edward Snowden had been exposed to tracking dust, and he said he didn't think so. "The fact that they are still alive when a lot of the cloak and dagger crowd want to kill them shows that they are free of the substance. If it were on them, it would be used."

The secret society my source comes from told me that their most talented members are working on solutions to the problem of tracking dust, but haven't found one yet. One thing that shows promise is distilled, deionized water. "Tracking dust particles flow into it to reionize it, as nature abhors deionized water and pure things like distilled water much like a vacuum. Still, we haven't been able to get it all. Some particles always seem to stay put. It is as if they actively resist being removed!"

There you have it. If whoever Jesse Ventura is worried about really is out to get him, or just wants to track him, they probably can.