Snake Oil is Real and it works

For Decades, quack medicine has been called snake oil, and quacks themselves have been called snake oil salesmen. This is because pharmaceutical companies could not earn the outrageous profits they are used to from such a natural product that anyone could make. They conspired to smear snake oil's good reputation, and have the product banned. Snake oil also got a bad name because hucksters would sell ordinary vegetable and mineral oil, as snake oil. The fact that snake oil has real healing properties has been viciously suppressed, but the secret is out

Dr. Richard Payne, of Brandine University, has rediscovered the formula for extracting and preparing oils from many different species of snake. He knows which are potent, and which are not. He knows what kind of snake's oil can cure ailments, such as arthritis, rheumatism, nail fungus, sore muscles, and dozens more. Unfortunately, they are out to shut him down. If they are successful, a great opportunity to alleviate many people's suffering will have been lost. "The ancients understood the healing power of the snake."  Commented Dr. Payne, "Why do you think the oldest , and most widely recognized symbol of medicine contains two coiled snakes?"