During the recent reality TV series Gulf War II, Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf became an instant celebrity. His reports of the "successes" of Iraqi forces gave everyone a good laugh. Even our Fearless Leader says that he enjoyed Mr. Sahhaf's briefings so much that he used to interrupt some of his meetings just to watch him. "He's my man, he was great," said President Bush, "Somebody accused us of hiring him and putting him there. He was a classic."

Sahhaf even had a fan website that had to be taken down for some time because of too much traffic, but now, like Roger Bingham, Rudy, and so many other reality TV one-hit wonders, his career in showbiz seems to be over.

According to many news outlets, he has tried to surrender to U.S. forces, but since he isn't in the special deck of 55 cards they have been issued, he is nobody to them. "I can't get arrested in this town!" The former Minister, who has been dubbed, "Comical Ali", and "Baghdad Bob" has been heard exclaiming.

We spoke to Larry A. Stark, Hollywood talent agent. He had this to say about Sahhaf. "Show business is a cruel bitch. She'll chew ya up an' spit ya out, but Baghdad Bob's career might not be over just yet. Game shows are an excellent way for has-been celebrities to restart their careers. He has a natural deadpan delivery, much like the Monty Python cast. He can deliver completely absurd and ridiculous lines without smiling, or even batting an eye. Now that is talent! I would love to sign him. I know I could get him onto Hollywood Squares in no time.

Are Comical Ali's fifteen minutes of fame over? Only time will tell.