Subject: Here's What I think...

In response to 'Mother's Day is not wives day' - I agree that every son should find a way to recognize their mothers on Mother's Day.  Expensive gifts…not necessary.  I do not, however, agree that her son shouldn't recognize his wife as well.  I am a mother of two.  I have an almost four year old son and a one year old daughter.  Clearly neither of my children have reached the age where they're able to express much in the way of gratitude for the life I've given them.  It would have been very well received if my husband had thought to do something nice to show his own appreciation for my carrying, delivering, and raising his children.  In fact, I'm the one who came up with the idea for and carried through with a gift for his own mother for Mother's Day.  (as I do every year)  But perhaps if what Martha Radstein says is true, even though I'm very grateful to my mother-in-law for bringing my husband into the world and raising such a wonderful person…I should make him do his own damn gift giving.  (which means she'd never get anything)  It's not Mother-in-Laws day after all…now is it?

Perhaps Benjamin is fed up with his mother for not respecting his wife and mother of his children and that's why he chooses not to recognize her in an overly special way on Mother's day.  The way she spoke about his wife in that article was unthinkably disrespectful

       -Melissa L.

Subject: Mother's Day Wench

She seems really bitter and jealous over loosing her precious son.  Get over it mom.  His current family comes first.  She should be less verbal about her d-i-l out of respect for her grandchildren.  It also sounds like maybe she opened her mouth one too many times to her

d-i-l and is now being shunned.  She is going to die as a lonely, bitter old lady if she doesn't keep her mouth shut.  Respect is earned by giving it!

       -Jody T.


She is 100% correct!  I'm on her side all the way!!!

       -Michael S.