By Naven Jones, Freelance Investigative Journalist

Rumors have been swirling for years that the Chinese were developing a horrific weapon of mass destruction: A machine that can cause earthquakes. It is no longer just a rumor, They have now used it twice. The rumors have stated that this device can attack over short ranges and long ranges by sending energy through the earth itself to any target, making no place on the globe safe from attack. A short range attack struck Taiwan on April 3 causing a temblor of 7.2 on the Richter scale. The devastation was massive and many have died. A long range attack was carried out on April 5 when a 4.8 magnitude quake struck New Jersey. It was much less severe causing minimal damage, but considerable terror. This attack did not go as the Chinese government had planned. Its actual target had been the center of New York City.

I spoke to Harvey Kurtz, a retired NASA employee who has been a keen follower of international relations and the intelligence community. He told me that Nicola Tesla had built something like this, but on a smaller scale. Kurtz became obsessed with Tesla after reading about the Tunguska Event, which many suspected was the work of his death ray. The Chinese Communist Party has been searching for his lost notes, which held the key to building this terrible weapon. It has long been their obsession to crush Taiwan, which they characterize as a rogue province, and its government as mere pretenders. This obsession has gotten worse since the Taiwanese government stopped calling themselves the true government of China in exile, and started talking about independence. It is now clear that the CCP and the Chinese military have found Tesla's notes, understood them and used them. Kurtz went on to say that he does not think Beijing will be satisfied with just bringing Taiwan to heel, but may be planning to rule the world through the use of this deadly device, and the terror it will bring.

Based on his information, I reached out to several US government agencies, who unsurprisingly had no comment. Only the NSA had more than that to say. The person I spoke to absolutely denied that there was any such thing as an earthquake machine, and said I needed to loosen my tinfoil hat, as it was restricting blood flow to my brain.  We all know that official denials are actually hiding something, don't we?

The questions now are where do the Chinese plan to strike next, and can we destroy their earthquake machine? Perhaps we could build our own to neutralize theirs through mutually assured destruction. That will require the US intelligence community to get their hands on Nikola Tesla's lost notes, and decipher them.