A prank by two teen age boys at Mammoth cave on Sunday, December 23 had catastrophic consequences. Thanks to their little joke, three are dead, and four have been hospitalized. Authorities did not release their names, since they are juveniles. 

The first one said, "Dude! We went into the cave, and we were whispering about this miner that died here, and like he, haunts it.  I had a sheet and my bud here had a black light. We were going to scare the living crap out of everyone, but we didn't think no one would get hurt." The second added, "We handed the stuff to this kid, and ran, but they caught us anyway." 

During a perpetual darkness demonstration, one of the two youths donned a sheet with a grotesque face painted on it, and yelled, "Rah" while his cohort lit a black light. Panic ensued. An elderly couple died instantly of massive heart failure, and another gentleman ran in panic, falling into a bottomless pit. 

A bystander said, "We could still hear him screaming for several minutes, then it faded to a whisper. He may still be falling." The others were treated, and released, but all were shook up. Names of the deceased were not available because next of kin had to be notified. This tragedy should teach a lesson to all potential pranksters, and many of us at THE UNCOVEROR feel that a Singapore style caning is too good for these little punks.