Prime Minister Tony Blair today unveiled a new symbol to represent the British Parliament. Gone are the familiar portcullis and crown that that once adorned the House of Commons. Gone are the lion and unicorn that once adorned the Coat of Arms in the House of Lords. The new Helios mark, named after the Greek sun god and designed by consultants Landor, cost $7 million (4.6 million) to develop.

A Spokesman for Downing Street said, "This change was in no way related to the petroleum industry, or British Petroleum. Any similarity between their corporate logo and our new crest is merely coincidence. It was simply time to update our image."

"I don't like it! I don't like it one bloody bit." said a man on the street. "Tony Blair Should be sacked as Prime Minister. He has sold us out to America, and to the oil cartels. First, he sends the Desert Rats to Iraq, and now this!" A member of Parliament who asked us not to give his name said, "What a shame. We used to tell them what to do in the North American colonies, now Blair is Bush's lapdog. I don't think he will get much of  Iraq's oil post war anyway. The Yanks will take it all."

Prime Minister Blair himself could not be reached for comment.