Microsoft is at it again. The software giant is now bringing litigation against window manufacturers, Pella and Andersen. They claim that the term "windows" is their exclusive intellectual property.

"The term 'Windows' is a registered trademark of Microsoft. We are simply not going to tolerate trademark infringement from anyone," said Microsoft president Steve Ballmer. "I don’t care what products other companies manufacture, they can not just call them windows."

We contacted Andersen. After a great silence, and a sigh of frustration, a spokesman said, "We have been making window frames since 1903 when the Andersen Lumber Company began, and complete windows since the Andersen Master Casement in 1932. The word frivolous is just not adequate to describe this lawsuit!"

Pella had similar Comments. "We have been around since 1925! I am dumbfounded by Microsoft’s assertion that we are using their trademark illegally. The dictionary defines windows as openings in walls for letting in of light and air that are usually closed by casements or sashes containing transparent material such as glass, and capable of being opened and shut. That definition dates from the thirteenth century, long before computers even existed!"

We were unable to reach Bill Gates for comment, but his secretary said this: "If manufactures of products like those made by Andersen and Pella insist that they must call them "Windows," we might allow it if they are willing to pay a licensing fee for each unit."

When I asked her why Microsoft was not suing other window companies like Marvin, and Thermal-Gard, She said that it would take time to make a list of all companies manufacturing products they call windows, but as soon as that is done, they will be sued as well. "We will go after the big two first."