By Colleen Smith, Staff Reporter

Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, MTV, CBS and everyone in an official position claim it was just an accident when Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's right breast at the Super Bowl halftime show, but I spoke to Charlene Timmins, one of the dancers from the show, and she tells a very different story.

"I heard them like talking about this lots of times in rehearsal. Her whole family has been like looking for a way to you know get the press to leave Michael alone for a while, and like Janet was the only one with the star power to pull it off, so that's what she did."

Timmins went on to say, "Ever since the first day they wanted to arrest him for touching that kid, and giving him wine and stuff, all the news has talked about every night is Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson. I mean, oh my God! Isn't anything else going on? Now that Janet showed her boobie with that sweet sunburst nipple ring, nobody is talking about Michael anymore, and I say you go, girl! Besides, it's not like she hiked her skirt and aired out her cooch or anything. I think all those people having a cow are just jealous they aren't hot."

There you have it from one of the dancers in the Super Bowl show. Janet did it on purpose, and now all media attention is revolving around her. She has diverted attention from her brother, at least until the next bombshell. You read it here first.