In today's climate of corporate fraud, book cooking, and SEC investigations, investing in the stock market is no longer lucrative. It is akin to throwing money into a fire. If one year ago, you had invested one thousand dollars in Enron, you would now have under sixteen dollars. With WorldCom, your thousand dollar investment would now be worth less than five dollars. It is clear that  whether an investor seeks safe, low-yield securities, or a bold and aggressive portfolio, new investment strategies are needed.

Those seeking a conservative strategy might want to consider investing in bedding. To invest in bedding, convert your stock, bonds, bank accounts, and any other securities you have to Federal Reserve Notes. Federal Reserve Notes are currently issued in denominations of one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred dollars. Take the notes into your personal bedroom, lift the mattress from your box spring, and place your Federal Reserve Notes on the box spring. After this has been completed, put the mattress back down. Under your mattress, your savings will hold their value. One thousand dollars today will still be one thousand dollars tomorrow, and the next. Unlike stock certificates, Federal Reserve Notes will not become worthless paper.

If a more aggressive investment strategy is what you seek, consider Equine Futures. Go to your local Thoroughbred racecourse, study the program, and daily racing form, and play the ponies. Since not all horses are the same, a wise investor can predict which horses are likely to win, place, and show giving a reasonable return on investment. Really hungry investors may even wish to enter the highly lucrative realm of exotic wagers. Well-placed picks in Exacta, Trifecta, Pick Three, Pick Six, and such could potentially yield hundred-fold or thousand-fold returns. As with any investment strategy, Equine Futures involves risk. Consult the tip sheets, and advisors who may offer hot tips. It's your money. Don't blow it on the stock market.


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