As you may have read elsewhere, such as this article on Slashdot, used frying oil can be filtered, and employed as an alternative to diesel fuel. Kits to do this very thing are sold at This do-it-yourself  version of  Biodiesel is a good idea. It promises to be a practical use for something that would otherwise be waste, a renewable resource, and an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum. Try telling this to the British government. They purport that operators of "grease cars" are doing it only to evade the UK's high fuel tax.

A Welsh police team dubbed "the frying squad" has been formed to crack down on use of frying oil as fuel. Three motorists in Wales have already been fined 500 pounds (780 US Dollars) for using "grease cars" instead of petroleum-based diesel fuel. They have been threatened with sentences of up to seven years in prison if they continue. One of the fined motorists had this to say. "I have halved my motoring costs since I started running my Subaru on cooking oil. The car runs just as well and even smells a lot better than diesel." While other news outlets laugh this off as "Offbeat news," The Uncoveror sees what is really going on. The British Government is in league with big oil to suppress alternative fuels.

In addition to greedy corporations like BP, who will profit from this? Oil-enriched despotic states such as Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia whose regimes abuse the rights of women, and finance terrorists. Has the United Kingdom sold its soul to these devils? That is how it looks from here.

It is not the idea of a fuel tax that is so objectionable. Fossil fuels harm the environment, and one day will run out. Taxes to discourage their use, promote public transportation, and pay for roads are necessary and proper, but this is not a taxation issue. If this were about collecting a legitimate tax on fuel, and not a conspiracy with the oil cartels, then the UK could tax the resale of used frying oil as fuel. A better course of action, however, would be to encourage the development of alternative fuels by leaving "grease car" operators alone, or even giving them incentives.

The Uncoveror condemns the British government for persecuting their own citizens at the behest of the oil cartels. They are supporting despotic regimes and terrorists. They ought to be encouraging and assisting the pioneers of an industry that could take money away from these monsters, and reduce pollution significantly. Many fear that alternative fuels will not be allowed to see the light of day until the oil wells run dry. It would be highly unwise to wait until then.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.