Many people think that Carly Fiorina is a bold leader, and that any company having her as its CEO is in good hands. She knows how to cut costs and streamline bloated organizations. Such people have been seriously snookered. She is a corporate raider who believes in getting rich the same way high-seas pirates did. Carly "The Hatchet" Fiorina has no concern for the well-being of HP, or any of their employees. She is in fact, a mole for IBM and her mission is to bring HP down. This information comes to us via a former IBM executive secretary who asked us to keep her name a secret.

"I was very offended in 1984,” she said, “When Apple did that Super Bowl commercial that basically said IBM is Big Brother. After all, they gave us computers, didn’t they? Since being on the inside though, I know it's true. They want absolute power in high technology. Once they have that, they will want more. They scare me!” She told us they have a saying inside big blue, “We are IBM. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

IBM once had a virtual monopoly in high technology, and they have been trying hard to get it back. The end of that monopoly began when clone PCs became common, and was complete when IBM tried to cram microchannel architecture down the market's throat. This blunder drove customers to Compaq, and its industry standard architecture. Compaq has been viewed as an enemy ever since. Recently, HP has been seen as a threat. Its industry leading printer technology led IBM to abandon that market, spinning off its printing and imaging as Lexmark. HP computers have also cut into Big Blue's market share. IBM made it a corporate mission to bring these companies down.

IBM knew that taking out hardware rivals like Compaq and HP would be a difficult game. They decided to place moles on the inside. Michael Capellas was placed at Compaq, and Carly "The Hatchet" Fiorina was placed at Hewlett-Packard. Now that Compaq has been absorbed into HP, half the job is finished.

HP, who seem to suspect nothing, did not hesitate to make Carly Fiorina their CEO. She appeared to have a good track record. The slash-and-burn tactics she had used to dismantle Lucent Technologies, keeping them from becoming a major player in high-tech, looked like cost control and fiscal responsibility to the naive. She made sure that up-and-coming Lucent, formerly Bell Labs, would not become a threat to IBM.

Taking out rivals through infiltration and subversion is nothing new to Big Blue. They used similar methods to corner the mainframe market. IBM moles working behind the scenes arranged the merger of Sperry and Burroughs, their chief rivals in that field, forming Unisys, a leviathan of a company no one had ever heard of. What had been two formidable rivals became one non-entity. It was IBM who made Wang a slang term for penis among youngsters, discrediting that rival. They taught their school-age children to say Wang instead of wiener, ding-dong, or ding-a-ling, and now no one can say Wang without chuckling.

In the realm of software, Microsoft has been IBM's chief rival. Big Blue hoped that its OS/2 would be a Windows buster, but it was a dismal flop. Now, by embracing Linux, an OS they cannot exclusively own, but neither can Bill Gates, IBM has Microsoft on the run. IBM also has a team of detectives anonymously feeding dirt on Microsoft to various state Attorneys General who have no clue that much of the evidence that they are using to bust one corrupt monopolist is coming from another corrupt monopolist.

Soon, IBM may have their monopoly back. If this occurs, customer service and customer satisfaction will be nothing more than buzzwords that look good in advertising, as consumers and businesses will have no place else to turn. When that happens, we can blame a good portion of it on "The Hatchet." Carly and her ill-gotten booty will be in Barbados, Brazil, or some other tropical paradise that has no extradition treaty with the United States by then. She will laugh all the way to her offshore bank. After a few years, most people will forget, and she might even go on the consultant circuit telling other businesses how to cut costs and streamline their organizations. You read it here first.


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