Why is the U.S. Government so eager to send little Elian Gonzales back to Communist Cuba? He holds the secret of the CIA's central operative in the Cuban Goverment: Fidel Castro! (See the UNCOVEROR'S original Fidel Castro exclusive) This startling revelation was brought to us by an anonymous source from within the CIA itself! It was very dangerous for the person who we will call AGENT X to bring us this information. Apparently Elian's mother was willing to risk her own life and that of her son's to bring this news to the Cuban people of Miami, FL. The CIA had been scouring the Carribean after she fled Cuba and presumed her lost at sea prior to Elian's discovery by a fisherman.
According to our source, AGENT X, she imparted all she had uncovered about the imposter Castro (really CIA agent Alexis Papagos) to her young son, in hopes that someone would find him should she perish. The CIA sought desparately to snuff this information and thus sent Elian's "father" on a crusade to the U.S.A. to retrieve the boy. "The man isn't even his father, he's another agent for god's sake! They need to have him back in Cuba under their control," AGENT X explained to us, frustrated over the plight of this innocent child.
AGENT X's stroy is validated by the INS Raid that recovered Elian from the family he was staying with. Why would Immigration Services send an armed raid to pick up an illeagal alien child? To keep people under their control! The family of the man who was keeping Elian here in the U.S. has been threatened under the pain of death to not disclose what he knows. He refused to speak to us, scared of what "Big Brother" will do if he talks. We can only be thankful for the few scrupulous Agents like, AGENT X, that work in the CIA who
are willing to put life and limb on the line to bring this disturbing information to the UNCOVEROR. Shortly after telling us this story, AGENT X was "reassigned." We can only speculate on his whereabouts, and pray for his safety...

CIA agent Alexis Papagos

Elian Gonzales