New Dawn Biotech, the company that created Chick'N, and meat that grows on trees, has now genetically engineered an egg bush. Here is a picture that one of our undercover operatives, a janitor at New Dawn, smuggled out of their labs. He had this to say. "They have managed to cross chicken genes with ornamental fruit to make eggs grow on a bush. The first ones tasted very sour, but they have adjusted the formula, using fewer chromosomes from lemon, and a few more from pear. The new ones taste very convincing.. They are about to go to market with them. They have also nearly perfected a ham tree, which they hope will let people harvest a fresh ham and egg breakfast in the morning.."

As you read in previous stories, there have been problems with Chick'N and Treemeat. One difference between bush eggs, and birds' eggs is that some of them come out all white, and others all yolk. "One problem," said our source, "Is that sometimes the yolk ones hatch  a Chick'N, and  they don't live long. They spend their few minutes of life shrieking in agony, and then die, as they do not have an adequate circulatory system. They can feel their bodies slowly being starved of oxygen. A Chick'N can not survive without the machines we hook them to in our labs! Witnessing the short, horrible life of these things that should not be is very disturbing. I would hate to think how it would affect children. All the same, they are planning to bring bush eggs to market with no further modifications!"

THE UNCOVEROR will keep you informed as this story progresses.