By Ben Radstein, Staff Reporter

For the first time since 1956, April 1 is Easter Sunday. For the first time since last year and every other year, April 1 is April Fool's Day. If you think Easter is too important for anyone to care that it isn't only Easter, you are being naive. I have heard my son and nephews talking, and I will be on guard. The "Hen Grenade" pictured here is one of the nastier things I have heard the boys talking about and snickering. Who knows what they are going try? The little pranksters in my tribe are certainly not alone.

Before you crack open a bright lovely Easter egg, consider that it might be un-boiled. A colored raw egg cracked on the edge of the coffee table will make quite a mess! Before opening a plastic egg to find the surprise inside, point it away from your face, and be sure you have your heart medicine handy if you use any. It is likely to be a spring snake! All those delicious looking peeps, chocolates, jelly beans and other treats may be chili pepper flavored tricks. "Here you go, Mom. Happy Easter." ... "Auuuugh!" ... "April fools!"

If 2018 is not enough for the tricksters, we will also have to be careful if lucky enough to be still living in 2029 and 2040.