NASA's Comet Nucleus Tour, (CONTOUR) which was supposed to study comets at extremely close range, has stopped sending signals back. They are trying to make people think a technical glitch has occurred, and they will be able to fix it in time to complete the mission. The following NASA press release about the mission is a work of science-fiction.

August 23, 2002 --

Team Scales Back CONTOUR Monitoring

Continual monitoring for signals from the CONTOUR spacecraft has been scaled back. When communications from the spacecraft ceased on Aug. 15, the mission entered "emergency" status, making it eligible for round-the-clock coverage from NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) antenna stations.

Now, nine days after their last contact with the solar-powered probe, the CONTOUR mission team says it's time to move on. "Given the disappointing circumstances, it was time to scale back our monitoring," says Mission Director Dr. Robert Farquhar, of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. "We don't want to take DSN time that could be used more effectively by other missions."

Mission operators are now listening for a signal just once a week, for approximately 8 hours each time. Yesterday, for the first time since Aug. 15, they started sending commands and will continue to do so during each of the contact attempts. The commands are designed to configure the spacecraft for active communication in case commands that are part of onboard autonomy did not do so already.

The reduced monitoring schedule will continue until early to mid-December. Then, for 2-3 days, the Earth will be near the center of the pancake (multidirectional) antenna's beam width. This will be the best alignment of spacecraft and Earth since the anomaly and the best chance the team will have for making contact.


The truth us alarming. NASA will not admit it publicly, but they know what really happened. A flying saucer armed with a destructo-ray destroyed contour. Here is a photo from a Russian spy satellite sent to us by Boris Petrovich of the Russian Space Agency. He also told us that the Russians were able to receive, and decipher a transmission from the craft. It said "All your Base are Belong to us. You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha ha."

While the meaning of the cryptic message was not entirely clear, it was certainly not a friendly greeting. NASA, and the government have been covering this up, but the public has a right to know.