El Chupacabra Pup Strikes Again

The Uncoveror previously let you know that an El Chupacabra pup was loose in Massachusetts. This "dog" is up to some new tricks. It is attacking people! Here is a photograph of the beast caught in the act of stalking a man, about to pounce!

As you can clearly see, this monster has the ability to walk upright, something no ordinary dog is capable of ! Unlike its papa, a full blooded El Chupacabra, This new hybrid species has no fear of humans. That, and its ghastly hunger for blood are proving a deadly combination, as The Whateley's of Arkham, Massachusetts have now learned personally!

"We brought home a Mexican puppy from our trip to California. The Farmer called it an El Chupacabra pup. I thought the Mexican dog was called Aye Chihuahua myself, but I didn't think nothing of it." said Paul Whateley. "Then it attacked Elias Crowe's dog, Prince. My wife begun to worry and all right then, but I didn't think nothing was strange about dogs fighting. Then it attacked me! We wanted to whoop that mangy hound with a belt for biting me, but he run off!"

Many esteemed scientists at respected institutions are lining up for the chance to study this creature in depth, if it can ever be captured. The First were Cryptozoologists such as Dr. Josiah Wilmot of Miskatonic University, and John Sheist, of Brandine University. Both insist that the other have neither the facilities nor the staff to adequately handle this project. Local authorities have also received inquiries from The Helvetica Institute, The Center for the Institute of Studies, and even Kama Mohini University in India.


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