By Matthew Brown, Publisher


I am going to take a break from making my usual tabloid parody, and make a serious statement in my own name rather than one of my pen names. We have a simple choice on November 3, 2020. Do we want to remain a representative republic, or become a fascist dictatorship. There is only one answer for saving our nation. Elect Joe Biden.

For those who live in Kentucky, our senior senator is probably the most corrupt individual to ever hold public office: Mitch McConnell. He must go. Vote for Amy McGrath.

I will admit, I supported Bernie Sanders and Charles Booker in the primary, but that does not matter now. We need Biden in the White House and McGrath in the Senate desperately!

Considering how much I lampooned past presidents like Bush, why have I not written about Trump before? Fear. I must admit I was just too afraid. His obscene cult of personality in their MAGA hats are the new brownshirts. They have proven that they are violent and destructive. Not only that, but every white supremacist hate group and illegal militia is part of his cult of personality. Trump is a fascist. Nothing destroys societies faster or threatens the world more than that. If you donít understand, here is a list of warning signs.


Anyone who has been paying attention will put a check mark next to each of item on that list. Trump has divided this country to the greatest degree since the Civil War, and his misdeeds and criminality are unprecedented. Since there are too many things to list here, I will give you some links to actual sources, not nonsense from social media.


I donít expect that this will sway any deluded supporters who are worshiping the fictional character they imagine Trump to be, or truly evil deplorable people who understand who Trump truly is, and still support him. I hope to motivate the undecided voter, or the complacent voter who might stay home because polls say Biden is winning. 

Trump and his cult of personality are obsessed with conspiracy theories, and spread them on social media creating an even worse cesspool of lies and misinformation than has ever existed before. Social media networks are not stopping this. The worst offender by far is Facebook. It is profiting from all the lies and propaganda. Making fun of conspiracy theories and the crazy people who believe them has been the main subject of this site since I started it in the late 1990s. In these troubled times, conspiracy theory has been hard to laugh about. The deranged are bursting into pizza restaurants armed with assault rifles. People who believe these falsehoods have become truly dangerous. Conspiracy theories take on three forms. Libels and slanders intended to smear someone are the most common. Machinations of lunaticsí imaginations are the second source. Jokes and parodies that dim-witted people take seriously are the third. When conspiracy mongers had to hand out pamphlets, their nonsense did not go far, and was easily traceable back to its source. Now, lies and nonsense spread virally and are often untraceable. At the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist myself, I am going to come out with what I really think about Trump.

Donald Trump is The Manchurian Candidate, literally. He is a puppet on the strings of Vladimir Putin, and the US was conquered without a single shot. As I said before, nothing destroys a society faster than fascism. It separates us all into groups of "us" and "them" seeking only each other's undoing. Fascism makes anyone remotely different a "them", an enemy, and eventually not even human to the cult of personality who consider themselves "us". That is why Putin chose Trump to be his man in Washington. That, and all the money Trump owes to Russian oligarchs. He is completely compromised.

Vladimir Putin looks at maps of the old Soviet Union, thinks of all the territory that was lost, and says to himself ďI want it all back!Ē There are three obstacles in the way of his dreams of conquest: The United States, The United Kingdom and the European Union. Vladimir Putin was the prime mover behind Brexit. The pro-Brexit campaign was almost all Russian propaganda, as was Trumpís so-called grassroots support. 

Electing Biden will not be easy. The Electoral College rigs the vote by dividing it among the states, and letting small states have a larger say. Five farmersí votes count more than a hundred thousand people in the city. The Postal Service has been deliberately dismantled by a Trump crony to sandbag voting by mail. There are fake ballot drop boxes such as the ones in California meant to put ballots into unauthorized hands that could easily destroy them. Here are real articles about that, not lies and nonsense from Facebook.


Worse than any of these is complacency. People staying home thinking Trump could not possibly win gave him the White House in 2016. Donít make that mistake again!  As for Mitch McConnell; from the beginning he has been the chief enemy of any meaningful campaign finance reform. His biggest lie is that donation is speech, and limiting it would be a violation of free speech rights. If that were true, there would be no such crime a bribery. Freedom of speech is something we all have equally, not something the rich and corporations have more of. While no Republican in office is innocent, McConnell has worked hand in glove with Trump more than the rest from the beginning. He is a willing accomplice to it all. Here are some articles from real sources, not social media, about him.


There you have it. Trump is not just incompetent, deranged, cruel and hateful. He is also an agent of a foreign power: Russia. Mitch McConnell is his chief crony and also a good buddy to Putin. They must go. The Uncoveror endorses Joe Biden for President and Amy McGrath for US Senate.