You may have heard the urban legend of a computer called "The Beast." It has been circulating since 1973. The story was based on a novel by Joe Musser entitled Behold The Pale Horse. Many misunderstood that this story of a massive computer was fiction, and have spread it as fact. The machine was purportedly self-programming, located in Brussels, Belgium, three stories high, and took up the area of a city block. It knew everything about everyone, and would track us using  tattoos invisible to the human eye, but seen by electronic scanners. These were the "Mark of the Beast." This legend has frightened and upset countless people worldwide. It is now much closer to being reality.

All throughout the '70's '80's and '90's, people who understand computers and technology have tried to explain to the technically illiterate and technophobic that the idea is absurd. The technology to build a computer, or even a network of computers, capable of tracking such a massive database did not exist, and was not even on the horizon. It simply was not feasible. No matter how much the story was debunked, it wouldn't go away.

The urban legend has inspired rogues within the US government to make it a reality, the Total Information Awareness database. It will be part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is headed up by Rear Admiral John Poindexter. He was the man behind the Iran-Contra scandal, who sold weapons to Iran, a terrorism sponsoring state, and sent the money to the Contras: Nicaraguan terrorists trying to violently overthrow that nation's government. This man, a convicted felon whose convictions were overturned only on the technicality that he had been promised immunity, not because he was innocent, is supposed to protect us from terrorism! You may be surprised to read the Contras characterized as terrorists. At the time, Poindexter, Oliver North, Ronald Reagan, et al claimed the Contras were "freedom fighters." They also called Osama Bin Laden a "freedom fighter" when his Mujahadeen forces fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. Consider how he turned out.

This system was allegedly authorized by the Homeland Security Act, and the USA Patriot Act. Some readings of these laws by experts suggest no such thing has been authorized, yet the Bush administration is going full speed ahead, and many are justifiably afraid.

We have learned that Agents of DARPA are casually referring to network of computers that will handle this massive database as "The Beast." They apparently think they are funny. The Uncoveror is not amused. We will attempt to contact the White House for more information.