our battle to keep this site online

The Uncoveror started out in 1996 as a printed newsletter. Our mission was then, as it is now, to investigate and expose the secrets. As our homepage says, "Revealing the things they don't want you to know. It's the real news!" It didn't take long for us to ruffle some feathers in the establishment. We had to move our operation out of five different printing shops, due to bomb and assassination threats. We eventually opened our own offices, and did all publishing there.

In late 1998, we launched the website. We were kicked off of several hosting services, and were unable to raise the funds needed to buy a domain name, since we constantly had to be on the move. Government agencies tried to shut us down, and the threats by mail and phone were a constant cause of concern.

In 1999, our offices were firebombed. One employee was killed in the fire, and another seriously injured. We are not revealing their names to protect their families. We also lost all of our equipment for printing, and most of our computers. After much deliberation, and grief for our lost friends, we reluctantly decided to stop printing the newsletter. We decided that since no one knows where a website is coming from, our online version would have to be our only outlet.

We are sad to report that in 2000, we lost contact with a reporter in the field. We fear the worst. The last story he was working on was What the government doesn't want you to know about mops.

At the beginning of 2001, we finally were able to purchase a domain name, www.uncoveror.com. We soon learned that people were misspelling our URL, so we also snapped up WWW.UNCOVERER.COM. We now have an address that is easy to remember.

They have not taken us out, and could not stop us from getting a domain! We remain committed to exposing conspiracies, corporate greed and government cover-ups. We will continue letting you know about UFOs, the unexplained, scandals, and the real reasons NASA can't explore Mars. We are still determined to inform the masses about alternative medicine, the unexplained, and other subjects the mainstream press won't touch. Sometimes, to lighten things up, we even print stories purely for your amusement.

We need to raise funds to keep going. Toward that goal, we now sell merchandise through cafepress (see banner ad bottom of this screen), and have banner ads from companies bold enough sponsor us. You can now proudly wear an uncoveror t-shirt, or show our mouse pad and coffee mugs, letting everyone know that you are in-the-know. You read the real news!

In July of 2001, we brought back the printed newsletter, which we occasionally place around town. We also offer the newsletter from this site in word format. We hope everyone who reads this site will print a few copies, and give them to friends and relatives who don't have computers. Help us get the real news out. Click here for free copies of the newsletter.

If you have uncovered something, let the secret out, and e-mail us:

To fight spam, that's not a link. You'll have to type it. Spammers hijacked our old address.